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25 Oct ’17


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One million thank-yous to ÇaFleureBon and Robert Herrmann for their love of UNEQUAL, a pure floral fragrance inspired by Holly Herndon.

When I first heard and wrote about Filigree on a visit to Seattle Niche Perfume and Beauty Boutique House Of Vartan in January of this year, I knew I was discovering a first-class natural perfumer in Seattle hometown-boy James Elliott and his thrilling creations. Unequal is an over-the-top white floral and is proof positive that small Indie natural perfumers can more than hold their own when running with the big dogs. Although here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are drawing in and winter is right around the corner, Unequal is a joyous hymn to the glories of Spring, specifically Jonquils, Lilac, and Lilies.

Unequal is what happens to Chanel’s Gabrielle after two years of protein drinks and CrossFit. A perfume that is pumped-up, beautiful, buff, and badass.

Read the review in its entirety, and be sure to enter the draw for your chance to win a 10mL bottle of this perfume that has no equal.

20 Jan ’17


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Thank you ÇaFleureBon and Robert Herrmann for such wonderful prose in praise of our natural fragrances LAKMÉ and FOLLOW. LAKMÉ was created exclusively for House of Vartan, a natural fragrance that has Robert reëxamine his hatred for oud.

“This is truly a gorgeous and creamy oud, masterfully blended to add support to the rose and jasmine without overwhelming them.”

He describes FOLLOW as “summer in a bottle…gorgeous.” Read the review in its entirety at ÇaFleureBon and be sure to enter the draw for your own bottle of FOLLOW. Good luck to everyone who enters!

03 Jan ’17

Wonderful words for our works

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Organic Oracle (@organicoracle) on Instagram posted a lovely review of our natural perfumes, and ETHERIEL made quite the impression:

“We sampled 3 stunning perfumes (eau de parfum is 15% fragrance and 85% organic alcohol.) and found them to be lovely and contain many similarities to the fragrances they are inspired by. My favorite was the Etheriel (inspired by Lush). It has a deeply complex sandalwood, vanilla, floral scent. The scent is rich, and sensual.”

Thank you, Organic Oracle, for this lovely review.