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06 Jun ’16

Livonia and Warren: A Reunion

Posted by James Elliott

When Lush shared the photo of my perfumes, two events occurred:

  1. My fragrances were introduced to a larger (and music-loving) audience.
  2. Some of my fragrances were introduced to their inspirations.

It wasn’t long until after Lush’s post that Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive began tweeting:

I contacted Warren and offered to send him both the eau de parfum and huile de parfum versions of Livonia, inspired by the eponymous album he released in 1990. I wasted no time in shipping a bottle of each to Warren, along with my deepest gratitude for his inspiring music.

Fast-forward to today: My sincerest gratitude to Warren for sharing this photo. I am a fan of him and his music, and this acknowledgement of my efforts is most rewarding.

18 May ’16

My perfumes have met their inspiration

Posted by James Elliott

Two weeks ago at Fremont Sunday Market I met a lovely couple Lesley and David (and their adorable child). We talked about the inspirations for my fragrances, specifically Lush. Lesley mentioned “I have a friend who is a self-described ‘Superfan’ of the band,” and that she would tell him about me and my fragrances. The next day I received an introductory email from Andrew the Superfan, reinforcing that Lesley is true to her word. I owe her a hug.

Being a Superfan, Andrew happens to email with the band every now and then, and he sent them the links to my perfumes inspired by their music. The band was amused, a portent of a boon to come. “Would it be possible to get a few bottles that I could send to them?” I wasted no time in packaging bottles for Emma, Miki, Phil, and their drummer Justin. Because the package was traveling outside the United States – shipping alcohol internationally is prohibited – I sent them the perfume oil versions of each fragrance. I included my card and a handwritten note. The package made its way to Andrew, or what I now refer to as the Superfan Railroad. He notified me when the package made its way to Emma, and then I waited.

And the result was a photo taken on Instagram, which was then shared on Twitter and Facebook. True to the band’s word, they were indeed amused:

Also available - Ladykiller aftershave and Single Girl deodorant.

If you have arrived at my website via the band’s posting(s), hello and welcome. You can learn more about De-Luxe and Etheriel on their respective pages.

Thank you again to Lush, Andrew, and Lesley for making all of this possible. ox

05 May ’16

Certified Vegan Perfume

Posted by James Elliott in store news, vegan

Filigree is now a certified vegan perfume through Vegan Action. Certified vegan standards require the following guidelines:

  • Each product must not contain animal products or by-products
  • Each product must not involve animal testing of ingredients or finished product
  • Each product must not contain any known animal-derived GMOs or genes used to manufacture ingredients or finished products
  • Each company must not conduct animal testing of any kind
  • Each company must document machinery cleaning of any kind

Filigree is committed to a 100% vegan product line, and we proud to be part of the Vegan Action network.

Learn more about vegan certification and how you can help vegans shop with confidence (and not constantly consulting ingredient lists).

24 Apr ’16

Peace Love and New Beginnings

Posted by James Elliott in retail, store news

About a month ago I was approached by a Seattle storeowner who was told to find my booth in Fremont Sunday Market. His partner sampled my fragrances a week prior, and it was his opinion that set the conversation in motion. Two weeks later eight of my perfumes were available to purchase in Peace Love and Happiness. The store is officially my first stockist, and my collection could not be a better fit for the space and its customers.

It’s my hope to grow my wholesale business so stores outside Seattle can offer immediate purchase of my perfumes for fans far and wide.

If you do happen to visit Peace Love and Happiness, be sure to let them know I sent you. I think you’ll find yourself leaving the store with more than just a bottle of my perfume.