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Niche perfumes of the finest materials inspired by melodic themes

The Secret Ingredient to Reinvention

Perfume is the sunlight you feel on your skin; the kiss you blow. To wear perfume is to love one’s self. It loves to whisper in your ear, “Don’t you know? You’re beautiful.” Yet perfume is only music: you are the instrument. It needs you, its catalyst, to perform its magic.

Unsure where to begin with our fragrances? Start with our Sampler Pack and try something altogether unexpected for your senses. Filigree is our line of perfumes using only botanical essential oils, extractions, and absolutes in organic cane alcohol or organic jojoba oil. (An alcohol-based perfume will produce a greater sillage than its oil-based counterpart, however the scent is greatly more intimate with the skin.) Filigree & Shadow is our line using a combination of botanical materials and aroma chemicals.

Leave us a note in checkout about what you like – and what you don’t like — and we’ll send seven fragrances as unique as you.