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To celebrate the return of Spring, I am offering not three but seven TEST PRESSINGS for your olfactory enjoyment. Gardenia, jasmine, neroli, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, and ylang-ylang.

I don’t know about you but flowers make me happy. And God knows we could use a little happiness in our lives right now. I’m going to offer this set for the months of March and April, so don’t feel at all obligated to purchase this now. If you need a little happiness, these floral perfumes are here for you when you’re ready.

Do something creative every day. Launch something different each month. In order to feed the monster that is my synesthesia, I am producing limited fragrances that are result of my constant music consumption. Each month I will release three samples that have no connecting theme other than being experimental.

Your order includes a notecard with the name of each fragrance, its inspiration, and the fragrance notes.

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