Two weeks ago at Fremont Sunday Market I met a lovely couple Lesley and David (and their adorable child). We talked about the inspirations for my fragrances, specifically Lush. Lesley mentioned “I have a friend who is a self-described ‘Superfan’ of the band,” and that she would tell him about me and my fragrances. The next day I received an introductory email from Andrew the Superfan, reinforcing that Lesley is true to her word. I owe her a hug.

Being a Superfan, Andrew happens to email with the band every now and then, and he sent them the links to my perfumes inspired by their music. The band was amused, a portent of a boon to come. “Would it be possible to get a few bottles that I could send to them?” I wasted no time in packaging bottles for Emma, Miki, Phil, and their drummer Justin. Because the package was traveling outside the United States – shipping alcohol internationally is prohibited – I sent them the perfume oil versions of each fragrance. I included my card and a handwritten note. The package made its way to Andrew, or what I now refer to as the Superfan Railroad. He notified me when the package made its way to Emma, and then I waited.

And the result was a photo taken on Instagram, which was then shared on Twitter and Facebook. True to the band’s word, they were indeed amused:

Also available - Ladykiller aftershave and Single Girl deodorant.

If you have arrived at my website via the band’s posting(s), hello and welcome. You can learn more about De-Luxe and Etheriel on their respective pages.

Thank you again to Lush, Andrew, and Lesley for making all of this possible. ox