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Filigree & Shadow

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Privacy Policy

Updated 21 September, 2021

Personal Information

In order to use certain features of the site, we may collect or you may be asked to provide the following types of personal information: e-mail address, name, mailing address, telephone number, billing information (credit/debit card number, expiration date, alternate or additional billing information and billing address, and other information we need to collect to process payment), products purchased, message and gift recipients’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (collectively “personal information”).

We collect information through the site, emails, mail, and telephone, and social media applications, including when you place an order, and engage in other activities, services, products and resources we make accessible to our customers or users. For example, you may wish to register on the site to receive e-mails from Filigree & Shadow, receive invitations to promotions, or to purchase goods or services available through the site. We need certain information from you to register you, authenticate you, and process your entries and payments. We may collect information you provide to us even if an order, registration, or other process is started but not completed or otherwise cancelled. This privacy policy does not cover information provided to Filigree & Shadow through retail operations.

Usage Information

In addition to the personal information described above, we also collect data generated by your usage of the site (“usage data”) that may or may not be associated with an individual’s identity. To the extent that non-personal information is combined with personal information, we treat the combined information as personal information for the purposes of this privacy policy. Similarly, under some local laws, certain usage data, such as IP addresses, are considered personal information. To the extent such local laws apply, we also treat the required usage data as personal information. Otherwise, usage data is not treated as personal information.

Most usage data is collected using cookies. A “cookie” is a small data file sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer. We use cookies to let us know that you are a prior customer or user, and to provide certain features to you. In addition, third parties may set cookies through our services. We do not control such third parties or their privacy practices. Most web browsers allow you to instruct the browser to prevent the use of cookies, although doing so means you may not fully experience our site or may cause errors. The kind of information we collect includes: the pages visited on our site; the features used; how long a visitor stays; and the domain name of the site from which visitors connect to our site and the site to which visitors connect through our service. We may also collect information such as language, ZIP code, area code, unique device identifier, location, and the time zone where our website is accessed. Except as described above, usage data is not treated as personal information.

Third Parties

Third parties that are providing services to us may collect, or assist us in collecting, either personal information or usage data. We endeavor to require that such third parties treat such personal information and usage data in compliance with this privacy policy.

Age Restrictions

You must be 18 years old or older to use this website, including to register with us to receive communications or to make a purchase. We do not knowingly collect or distribute personal information from persons under the age of 18. If you the parent or guardian of a minor under 18 years of age and believe that they have disclosed personal information to us, please contact us by e-mail so that we may delete the minor’s information. In addition, if we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from anyone under the age of 18, we will delete such information from our records.

International Restrictions

This website does not intend to market products or services to those residing outside of the United States of America. Filigree & Shadow does not knowingly gather or solicit personal information from non-U.S. residents through this website for marketing purposes, but if you are located outside of the U.S. and provide your email address you hereby expressly consent to receive communications from us.

Why We Collect Your Information

We collect personal information that you give us in order to: provide information to you about Filigree & Shadow and our products and services; notify you about upcoming features available on the site; provide other information from us and our third party marketing partners; respond to your requests for information; process survey results and contest entries; process online purchases and payments you request; filter the products and services we provide; authenticate registered customers; post your comments and for our own internal marketing and product development purposes.

How We Use And May Disclose Your Information

Filigree & Shadow will not use, sell or release any personal information to third parties except as described in this policy. We reserve the right to use or disclose any information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

While we may provide encryption and use other reasonable precautions to protect confidential information and provide suitable security, including encryption for communications conducted through this website, we do not guarantee that stored information or transmitted through the internet is secure, or that such transmissions will be free from delay, interruption, interception or error.

Personal Information

Anyone providing us their personal information grants Filigree & Shadow the right to use their information internally without restrictions for the purposes of, but not limited to, research, marketing, and content and lead development. We use certain information from you to register you, authenticate you, and process your entries and payments, even if an order, registration, or other process is started but not completed or otherwise cancelled.

We may send you email regarding current products or projects, services and updates to the site; important changes in our terms and Privacy Policy; press releases and announcements concerning the products services we provide. By providing us your e-mail address, you consent to the receipt of such materials.

Usage Data

We use site usage data to develop, manage, and improve the website, and to understand how our website is used. Sometimes we may aggregate site usage data with personal information from registered customers, and may use that information to help resolve problems, analyze usage, or provide you with information about products and services we offer. We may use aggregate anonymous usage data to track use trends and thereby improve our website. We may also use this aggregated, anonymous information to develop reports that we may share with third-party marketing partners and customers.

Do Not Track

We do not respond to do not track requests.

Information for California Residents

As a California resident you have the following rights:

  • To request a list of the categories of personal information we collect, use, disclose, and sell.
  • To request the specific personal information about you that we collect, use, disclose, and sell
  • To request the deletion of your personal information we collect or maintain
  • Not to be discriminated against for exercising your rights under California law

In Order to Exercise Your Rights as a California Resident

Please send your request to us in one of the following ways:

  • Through our website at the Contact Us link—please reference “CCPA Request” to ensure a timely response.
  • Via email at privacy@filigree.co
  • Call us at 1-206-588-5733, or
  • Write to us at Attn: Privacy, Filigree LLC, 4701 SW Admiral Way 89, Seattle, WA 98116.

We will respond to the above types of information requests made by the above methods within forty-five (45) days of receipt. You are entitled to exercise your right to make the above requests up to two (2) times every 12-month period.

Process for Verifying a Consumer’s Request

We will verify any consumer’s request to exercise the right to know or the right to request deletion using the following process:

  • Whenever feasible, we will match, or will engage a third-party identification verification service to match the identifying information provided by you to the personal information that we maintain already on our systems.
  • We will generally avoid requesting additional information for the purposes of verification. Only if we are unable to verify your identity or residency from the information already maintained by us will we request additional information from you. The additional personal information collected will only be used for the purposes of accurately verifying your identity in order to effectively allow you to exercise your rights under the CCPA and for the purposes of fraud prevention. Once we have satisfied these purposes, we will delete the additional personal information collected from you as soon as practically possible, except as required for compliance with our CCPA record-keeping requirements and applicable law.
  • If you are an account holder with us, we will ask you to provide us with your e-mail. If we suspect fraudulent or malicious activity on the password-protected account, we will not comply with the request to know or the request to delete personal information until further verification procedures have been satisfied.
  • If you do not have an account with us, we will require you to provide us with data points that ensure that we can verify your consumer request to a reasonable degree of certainty.

Exercising the Right to Know

If you are requesting to know the categories of personal information collected, we may require two data points to be provided by you that match two of the data points that we maintain. However, if you request to know specific pieces of information, a higher bar for verification is required (a reasonably high degree of certainty), which may require us to match three data points of information provided by you with three data points that we maintain in our records together with a signed declaration under penalty of perjury that you are the individual whose personal information is the subject of request. We will maintain all signed declarations as part of our record-keeping obligations under the CCPA.

Exercising the Right to Request Deletion

If you submit a request that we delete your personal information, the level of reasonable certainty that will be required through our verification process will depend on the nature of the personal information being requested to be deleted. For sensitive personal information, we will require that three data points provided by you match three data points we maintain in our records along with a signed declaration under penalty of perjury. For all other kinds of personal information subject to a deletion request we will collect the requisite data points consistent with a reasonable degree of certainty standard described above. We will act in good faith when determining what standard to apply when verifying all consumer requests.

Inability to Verify a Request

If we are unable to verify your identity to a degree of certainty as required by the CCPA through any reasonable method, we will state that we are unable to verify in a written response to you along with a reason as to why there is no reasonable method by which we can verify your identity. We will evaluate our methods for verifying the identity of all consumers who request to know or delete personal information on a yearly basis.

Household Requests

If all the consumers of a household jointly request access to specific pieces of information for the consumers of the household or deletion of the household’s personal information, we will comply with the request if we can verify the identity of all members of the household pursuant to our own procedures for identity verification described above.

Authorized Agents

As a California resident, you may designate an authorized agent to act on your behalf to make a request under the CCPA, such as requesting disclosure of any personal information sold or collected by the company; or requesting deletion of such personal information. If you use an authorized agent to exercise your various rights under the CCPA, we may require that you provide your authorized agent with written permission to exercise your various rights and to verify your own identity with us through the processes described above. If your authorized agent does not submit proof that they have been authorized by you to submit verified requests for disclosure and deletion, we reserve the right to deny such a request that we have received and will explain to your authorized agent why we have denied such request.