I often find myself deleting emails that market products or services that don’t interest me. Of the many emails I receive on a daily basis, I may open one or two at most; I will unsubscribe to some emails if I can remember to be bothered to do so.

I would like to think that many of my customers feel the same way about emails so, I am trying a different approach with how I market. In the early years of blogs I would often write personal accounts of my life in the moment, and through my writing(s) I developed very real relationships with people hundreds – sometimes thousands – of miles away.

Fragrance is a very personal choice, and I would like to maintain as much of a personal relationship with customers as I can. Rather than market new fragrances or collections, my plan is to send monthly emails that share my journey as a perfumer and what is inspiring me. This approach is not a novel idea, many companies already conduct business with their customers in a similar fashion. However, for those few customers that are willing to be pioneers, I send samples of eaux de parfum that may (or may not) make their debut in my fragrance portfolio.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to subscribe to my mailing list. Use the form provided in the footer. Rest assured I will never sell or trade your information with any other company. Read at your leisure, offer your wrists and olfactories to occasional samples, and unsubscribe if the medium no longer suits your needs. We’ll see where this takes us.