I presented my first workshop at HONED on Saturday, 8 July for a class of four participants. I used my background in book design and graphic design to create a booklet that contained a glossary; infographics explaining fragrance ratios; a table of natural materials sorted in top, middle, and base notes; a page to record notes selected for one’s personal blend; and a directory of where to purchase materials and supplies. I selected 25 materials for blending and had them diluted to 10% concentration in organic alcohol. I provided pipettes, mouillettes, and a 10mL atomizer spray bottle for each participant to create their own eau de toilette. The first half of the workshop was spent learning the basics about perfumery and answering questions about history, materials, and chemistry. The second half was devoted to giving each person time to select their materials, compose a fragrance, and then blend it directly into their atomizer bottle. The outcome of the event was incredibly positive and everyone had a great time.

An intermediate workshop is in the works, and I will be leading private events in the coming weeks. I will be leading another introductory workshop at VIRAGO in September. Purchase your ticket now to reserve your seat.