You are probably looking at this image and thinking to yourself this is not a very good photo, and you would be right. But it is also a photo of my new space. You may (or may not) know that I have been looking for a space of my own for quite some time in Seattle, and this search has felt almost Sisyphean at times. I went with ActivSpace in West Seattle because I could afford a 117 square foot studio to manufacture what I sell, and still carve out a small area for retail. In the 17 months I have occupied that space, my business has (thankfully) grown in size. But 117 square feet remeains 117 square feet, so I found myself steadily growing bigger than my space. Last month I walked past a space in West Seattle with a For Lease sign, so I took a chance and sent an email. Within days I was touring the space and taking this photo with my iPhone. A week later I signed a three-year lease.

What makes this space special is that the property is 700 square feet and it’s zoned for both retail and manufacturing. This means I not only have more space to manufacture fragrances but I will have a proper retail space!I won’t be accepting any studio appointments until I’m ready to open at my new address. I will, of course, continue to process all orders as they come.