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26 Oct ’17

VIRAGO in Seattle Magazine

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Thank you Seattle Magazine for listing my perfume VIRAGO in your “Essentials / Our Picks” for November 2017! Tracy at VIRAGO Gallery and I will have an official launch party for the fragrance 18th November, but this recognition of us is stupendous.

Inspired by late-night discussions of music, politics, feminist art, and Suede’s self-titled album on repeat, this all-natural perfume is for the modern woman who has paid her dues in blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and love. Certified vegan & cruelty-free, and now an Essential for Seattle Magazine.

25 Oct ’17


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One million thank-yous to ÇaFleureBon and Robert Herrmann for their love of UNEQUAL, a pure floral fragrance inspired by Holly Herndon.

When I first heard and wrote about Filigree on a visit to Seattle Niche Perfume and Beauty Boutique House Of Vartan in January of this year, I knew I was discovering a first-class natural perfumer in Seattle hometown-boy James Elliott and his thrilling creations. Unequal is an over-the-top white floral and is proof positive that small Indie natural perfumers can more than hold their own when running with the big dogs. Although here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are drawing in and winter is right around the corner, Unequal is a joyous hymn to the glories of Spring, specifically Jonquils, Lilac, and Lilies.

Unequal is what happens to Chanel’s Gabrielle after two years of protein drinks and CrossFit. A perfume that is pumped-up, beautiful, buff, and badass.

Read the review in its entirety, and be sure to enter the draw for your chance to win a 10mL bottle of this perfume that has no equal.

06 Dec ’16

ÇaFleureBon Profiles in American Perfumery

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James…you fascinate me and I am not that easily mesmerized. Music, quotes from Munch, and of course that you are a Leo with Virgo Rising. It DOES explain a lot about you.

A special thank you to Ça Fleure Bon for my profile in American Perfumery. I am the 116th perfumer profiled on the Number 1 niche and natural perfume blog in the world. I am both humbled and over the moon with excitement. Be sure to participate in the draw to win The Box Set of my 1 mL samples.