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Handmade perfumes of the finest materials in melodic themes. Certified vegan and cruelty-free.


What Fragrantica Writers Wore This Summer (2019)

31 August 2019

What sparked a lot of joy for me during this otherwise dreaded season, was the discovery of the little Seattle brand Filigree & Shadow. A while back I stumbled over the tweet “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” showing a guy in a Grumpy Bear costume. The sight made me laugh on a bleak day, so I checked out the account, surprise, surprise, it was Filigree & Shadow’s twitter handle, an independent artisan label located in Seattle.

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Pack It Up: Ten Honeymoon Essentials for Seattle Brides

25 January 2019

Etheriel huile de parfum, blended by James Elliott of Filigree & Shadow in South Seattle, is certified vegan and features a heady blend of tuberose, olive, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. Perfect for tossing into your carry-on, it comes in a TSA-friendly 15-milliliter glass vial.

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Filigree Perfumes: Unequal EdP

23 October 2017

When I first heard and wrote about Filigree Perfumes on a visit to Seattle Niche Perfume and Beauty Boutique House Of Vartan in January of this year, I knew I was discovering a first-class natural perfumer in Seattle hometown-boy James Elliott and his thrilling creations. Unequal is an over-the-top white floral and is proof positive that small Indie natural perfumers can more than hold their own when running with the big dogs. Although here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are drawing in and winter is right around the corner, Unequal is a joyous hymn to the glories of Spring, specifically Jonquils, Lilac, and Lilies.

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Whiff of Inspiration

17 September 2017

Local perfumer James Elliott is the Jean-Baptiste Grenouille of Seattle. Or pretty damn close. (Sans the occasional murder, of course.) Elliott is possessed of a remarkable nose with powers unknown to most mortals. Elliott is possessed of a remarkable nose with powers unknown to most mortals. His nose has the almost preternatural skill to understand and express memories, emotions and places through the fragrances he formulates—scents like Sound & Fog, described as “the scented memories of coffee, tobacco, birch, licorice and sea salt,” and Lakmé, meant to invoke ballets and operas with notes of pink peppercorn and vegetal musk.

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ÇaFleureBon Profiles in American Perfumery: James Elliott of Filigree Parfums + Smelling Music Synesthesia

4 December 2016

At my core I’m a misfit that believes the mind has every potential, therefore I’m willing to try almost anything once. And so five years ago I decided to make my own signature fragrance. My logic: How hard can it be to create a perfume? Five years later I had my answer: it’s difficult. Fun! But difficult.

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