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Evocative perfumes for the modern and provocateur. Certified cruelty free and vegan.

SUI GENERIS Eau de Toilette 15 mL



Animalic, Floral, Metallic, Sweet
Rubber, leather, rose, metal, bubblegum, meth
Organic cane alcohol

The fragrance

A magical secretion, this is Danceteria in a bottle. Like that time Christian Death and Sylvester met at a Plasmatics show. Something quite queer, this sacramental fragrance is a midnight scent as bewitching as you.

Inspired by Pink Halloween

PINK HALLOWEEN is the unique brainchild of artists Jordan Christianson and Anouk RAWKSON. Combining their underground street and high fashion points of view, they developed a brand influenced by unconventional art, fashion, and music honoring a self-expression that is not defined by others’ standards.