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Filigree & Shadow

Fragrances against mediocrity

08 Dec ’18

The Gift of Green

Posted by James Elliott in store news
Image of empty glass perfume bottles

You used every last drop of your perfume and you don’t know what to do with the bottle. Send me your empties! I will disassemble the bottle, recycle the glass, and send you a discount code for 15% off your next order for being such a wonderful environmental steward. Just send me a message or email for the address. Remember to include your contact information!

25 Mar ’18

All Over The World

Posted by James Elliott in store news
Illustration: a map of global destinations for international shipping

For those of you who enjoy perfume, profumo, Αρωμα, 향수, 香水, Духи, духі, น้ำหอม, Parfym, Parfyme, Ilmvatn, Hajuvesi, Parfum, Perfum, Parfém, Parfume, #Pabango, Parfüm, इत्र, Cumhrán, Smaržas, Perfumy, Nước hoa, Isiqhelo, seuseungian, வாசனை, נִיחוֹחַ, పెర్ఫ్యూమ్, خوشبو, or عطر, good news: we now offer international shipping.

Please note that Turkey, Russia, Portugal, and Italy prohibit the import of alcohol-based perfumes. We offer several of our perfumes in a jojoba oil base and can ship them to the excepted countries.