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06 Nov ’23

Seattle Perfumers Collection Discovery Set

Posted by James Elliott

Seattle Perfumers Collection Discovery Set

In June this year I received multiple emails from a beauty box subscription that wanted to feature my brand. They wanted hundreds (plural) of bottles in 2 weeks at a price point that wouldn’t cover my cost of goods, and I had to pay the shipping. I politely declined their offer, but it led me to ask why not make my own set? 2 days later I sent an email to 11 perfumers in the Greater Seattle area that I know with a simple premise: want to cut out the middle man and make our own fragrance set?

(Our original party of 11 perfumers became 9. Later on I was introduced to another 2 perfume brands in Seattle after our set was developed and off to the manufacturer. Such is life. But just think of the surprises in store for a future second edition!)

The theme for our sample set was simple: tell our stories as perfumers through our fragrances. To curate the theme I reached out to Jesse Hardy who is a walking, breathing, living Wikipedia of fragrance. He didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!” We each bring something unique to the Seattle perfume scene, and Jesse was tasked with choosing 1 fragrance per house. The final result is the product of putting our heads together and playing to our strengths.

Wrangling together 9 perfumers with very different schedules is no small feat but we made it happen. Our first official meeting wasn't until July 9th. After that we met every other Sunday at various cafés to talk logistics. Decisions were kept in a democratic fashion to make sure everyone felt heard and seen along the way. We took a lot of notes so everyone could review what was discussed and add their input at any time. But we did it! We actually did it.

Presenting the first edition of Seattle Perfumers Collection Discovery Set, made by Seattle perfumers for those who love fragrance.

01 Mar ’23

New Beginnings

Posted by James Elliott in store news

New Beginnings

Watch this space. It doesn't look like much now but you’re going to love it.
31 Jul ’22

Stand Up, Fight Back

Posted by James Elliott in the more you know, transparency
A map of the United States illustrating states with LBGTQ nondiscrimination policies
Source: Freedom for All Americans

To the people asking why I would turn away sales, or to the business owners who question me requiring U.S. customers to contact their representatives, allow me to present what’s about to happen in the fall when SCOTUS reconvenes and listens to arguments for 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. [Source: Supreme Court of the United States]

To date, amicus briefs for this case have been filed by 20 Republican Senators and 38 House of Representatives, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Colorado Catholic Conference, the General Council of the Assemblies of God, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Samaritan’s Purse. [Source: KLTVCatholic News Agency]

Given that we know SCOTUS met and prayed with a right-wing evangelical activist directly following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it’s safe to assume that the Court will side with 303 Creative LLC, which will allow businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people on the grounds of “religious beliefs.” [Source: Rolling Stone]

Currently in the U.S. there are 27 states without LGBTQ nondiscrimination policies. In terms of numbers, 6,274,000 LGBTQ Americans in these 27 states could lose their employment, housing, and health services at minimum because of “religious beliefs.” (This number was tabulated from a 2020 poll of Americans who identified as LGBTQ within each of the 27 states.) [Source: Movement Advancement Project]

State lawmakers are already working on their own “Don’t Say Gay” legislation to follow in Florida’s footsteps. [Source: NPR]

We are being shown – in broad daylight – what they mean to do to us.

So when you ask why I am requiring all U.S. customers to contact their representatives, this is why.

29 Jun ’22

Defending our rights

Posted by James Elliott in store news
A screenshot of Kathleen Hanna from the documentary 'The Punk Singer,' with the video caption 'All girls to the front! I'm not kidding.' changed to read 'All activists to the front!'

Effective immediately, all U.S. orders will require proof that you contacted your elected officials demanding they fight to protect full bodily autonomy. Failure to produce proof will result in a cancellation of your order.

Here are some links to help you fight back:

Here are some book recommendations:

You can text RESIST to 50409. Answer the questions the bot texts you, and in two minutes you’ll have sent a letter to the elected officials of your choice: your members of Congress, state legislators, or many more.

I will follow up with you when you place an order and ask for a screenshot or photo of you contacting your elected officials. I will delete all images and I will not share your information. I am instituting this requirement for all U.S. orders until we take back our rights for full bodily autonomy.

If you are not ready to fight, then get the fuck out of the way.

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