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20 Jan ’17


Posted by James Elliott in reviews


Thank you ÇaFleureBon and Robert Herrmann for such wonderful prose in praise of our natural fragrances LAKMÉ and FOLLOW. LAKMÉ was created exclusively for House of Vartan, a natural fragrance that has Robert reëxamine his hatred for oud.

“This is truly a gorgeous and creamy oud, masterfully blended to add support to the rose and jasmine without overwhelming them.”

He describes FOLLOW as “summer in a bottle…gorgeous.” Read the review in its entirety at ÇaFleureBon and be sure to enter the draw for your own bottle of FOLLOW. Good luck to everyone who enters!

15 Jan ’17


Posted by James Elliott in good deeds


These are our cats Jóna (top) and Baldur. We adopted them from Seattle Animal Shelter when they were no more than 4 months old and rescued from the side of a road south of Seattle. Their first night home was spent hiding under our bed and none of us got any sleep that night. Fast-forward almost four years later and there is hardly a surface in the house that isn’t their bed—laps included. Because of you and your support of my business, I was able to donate 1% of my gross sales to Seattle Animal Shelter. Now other animals will find their way home and families will be made whole. Thank you—from our family to yours.

03 Jan ’17

Wonderful words for our works

Posted by James Elliott in reviews

Organic Oracle (@organicoracle) on Instagram posted a lovely review of our natural perfumes, and ETHERIEL made quite the impression:

“We sampled 3 stunning perfumes (eau de parfum is 15% fragrance and 85% organic alcohol.) and found them to be lovely and contain many similarities to the fragrances they are inspired by. My favorite was the Etheriel (inspired by Lush). It has a deeply complex sandalwood, vanilla, floral scent. The scent is rich, and sensual.”

Thank you, Organic Oracle, for this lovely review.

31 Dec ’16

The Year in Review

Posted by James Elliott

One year ago we launched our collection. In that time we have traveled to various events; connected with some of the artists that inspired our fragrances; met other incredible perfumers; acquired stockists; and found the most amazing people who love what we created. Our inaugural year could not have been possible without you. Thank you for coming along on this journey. You are Love.

A photo posted by Filigree (@filigreeparfums) on

06 Dec ’16

ÇaFleureBon Profiles in American Perfumery

Posted by James Elliott in in the news

James…you fascinate me and I am not that easily mesmerized. Music, quotes from Munch, and of course that you are a Leo with Virgo Rising. It DOES explain a lot about you.

A special thank you to Ça Fleure Bon for my profile in American Perfumery. I am the 116th perfumer profiled on the Number 1 niche and natural perfume blog in the world. I am both humbled and over the moon with excitement. Be sure to participate in the draw to win The Box Set of my 1 mL samples.

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